Dock Ladders and Marina Rescue Ladders

High Visibility


You can see the Dock Ladder from the dock or from the water. 

Deployed with a nudge from the dock or the water.


A slim, practical, functional dock ladder.

Dock space is precious and our ladder does not interfere.


So little dock space used for something as important as your Marina Dock Rescue Ladder.

The Hi-n-Dry Dock Rescue Ladder


Simplicity and Functionality

We took a long hard look at the  dock rescue ladders on the market and realized this was an idea whose time had come.  Nothing complicated, nothing hard to use. Just a means to easily get

 out of the water.

How It Works

This ladder can be seen. 

To deploy from the dock, give it a nudge. To deploy from the water, just give it a little tug and it drops down. 

Features for the Wet Person

You can find it. It has a wide, stout profile that can be easily climbed. It is non-skid. The ladder is stiff so you don't feel like you are trying to climb a rope ladder. The side rails are narrow enough for you to easily grasp as you climb the ladder and when you reach the top, you can step right onto the dock.

The Extra Factors that are Key

Bigger tides? We can add many, many rungs. You decide just how long a rescue ladder you need and we can build it for you.